Library Help

The library of A2L items is searchable in a number of ways. On the Items Library page you will see three search fields. The library can be searched by level, keyword, phrase or any combination of these.

Level denotes the school level for which the item is appropriate. This is really only a general indication and varies depending upon the actual class and when the item is used. For example, an item assigned a level of “middle school” might be appropriate when just introducing a topic in high school and an item designated “undergraduate” might be used with an honors high school class.

Keyword indicates the topic or concept that is targeted by the item. In all cases items have a broad category, such as “Mechanics” and more specific ones like “Torque”. Multiple keywords can be selected and the search designated to contain any of the selected keywords or all of the keywords by the radial buttons under the keyword window.

Searching by word or phrase acts like most common search processes. If an exact phrase is desired it should be in quotes. Many of the usual logical delimiters, such as and or or, are also allowed. It should be remembered that the entire item, not just the question is searched. The sought phrase might be in the Descriptor labels or in the Commentary portions of the item.

It should be noted that the items are not arranged in order of difficulty. A lower item number does not indicate that the item is easier. In general it is useful always to consider items designated for a lower school level. Suggestions for how best to use items can be found on the Using Items page.

As with any large compilation, mistakes and typos occur. If you find any of the items in error, or do not understand why a particular answer is indicated as correct, please let us know so we can explain the answer better or correct the item.